DevBrush™ 6.0 for Procreate



DevBrush™ 6.0 is here! This one is for all letterer, calligrapher and also type designer who are using the Procreate 5 app! DevBrush™ still has everything you need to create breathtaking works!


  • 35 custom brushes


  • Play with different colors, different angles, blending modes and also use the eraser and the smudge tool.
  • I'd definitely recommend you to read the Procreate Artists Handbook

    I'd love to see what lettering projects you create with DevBrush™! Feel free to drop a hashtag #DevBrush or link in the comments or tag me on Instagram @devandvan

Additional information


– Apple iPad 6th Gen or iPad Pro
– Apple Pencil
– Procreate 5 or higher

File size

131,48 MB


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